Transformative Summer program (Berhanguzo Secondary School)

Empowering Students Through Self-Awareness and Success Habits

In a world where personal development plays a pivotal role in shaping the future, Berhanguzo Secondary School embarked on a transformative journey. Over the course of two enriching days, a profound training session unfolded, focusing on Self-Awareness, Personal Visioning, and the cultivation of Success Habits. This innovative program, attended by 100 bright and enthusiastic male and female students, was made possible by the generous sponsorship of Buna Pen, Wanko Printing, and Signature Printing. Guided under the visionary leadership of Eskender Kassa, the program operated seamlessly under the Biruh Zega Charitable Organization’s benevolent umbrella.

The Power of Self-Awareness

Self-awareness, the cornerstone of personal growth, was explored in depth during the first day of the program. Through introspective exercises and discussions, students embarked on a profound journey of understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations.

Crafting Personal Vision: A Journey of Clarity

Day two delved into the realm of personal visioning, where students were encouraged to envision their future selves. This exercise of imaginative thinking allowed them to set meaningful goals and chart a course toward their desired destinies.

Building Success Habits: Nurturing a Path to Achievement

Success is not a stroke of luck but a result of consistent habits. Students were introduced to the concept of success habits, learning how small daily actions can pave the way for significant accomplishments over time.

Eskender Kassa: The Beacon of Transformation

Guiding students through this transformative journey was Eskender Kassa, a visionary with a passion for igniting change. His expertise and guidance added a layer of depth to the training, leaving an indelible mark on each participant.

Biruh Zega Charitable Organization: Fostering Community Impact

The program’s seamless execution under the Biruh Zega Charitable Organization showcased the power of collective effort in bringing about positive change. This organization’s dedication to community upliftment is a guiding light for all.

The Transformational Art of Goal Setting

Setting goals is a powerful skill that empowers individuals to reach their fullest potential. Students were equipped with practical techniques to set and achieve short-term and long-term goals.

Cultivating Success Habits: Small Steps, Colossal Results

Success is not an event but a habit. Participants were introduced to the concept of success habits and shown how consistent actions can yield remarkable outcomes, no matter how small.

Empowered for Life: Students Share Their Insights

The program’s impact extended beyond the training room. Students felt empowered to apply their newfound knowledge and skills to various aspects of their lives, from academics to personal relationships.


The two-day training on Self-Awareness, Personal Visioning, and Success Habit Formation marked a significant milestone in the journey of Berhanguzo Secondary School students. Armed with self-awareness, a clear vision, and success-oriented habits, these students are poised to embrace their futures with confidence and determination.

Sponsorship: Buna Pen, Wanko Printing, and Signature Printing

The training program’s success was made possible by the unwavering support of Buna Pen, Wanko Printing, and Signature Printing. Their commitment to education and personal development shines as a beacon of inspiration.

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