Transformative Summer program (Kokebe Tsiba Secondary School)

Empowering Students Through Self-Awareness and Success Habits


Discover the groundbreaking Transformative Summer Program at Kokebe Tsiba Secondary School. Delivered by Eskender Kassa under the Berhu Zega umbrella, this program focuses on fostering self-awareness and success habits, equipping students for a life beyond the classroom.

Unveiling Self-Awareness

Embracing Identity

Students embark on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering their passions and strengths. This self-awareness empowers them to make informed life choices.

Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

The program enhances emotional intelligence through interactive workshops. Students learn to manage emotions effectively, a skill essential for personal and professional success.

Cultivating Success Habits

Paving the Way for Achievements

Success is a result of consistent positive habits. Students adopt skills such as time management and goal setting, positioning them for academic and life excellence.

Building Grit

Resilience is nurtured, enabling students to overcome challenges. This attribute ensures they thrive in an ever-changing world.

Interactive Learning Beyond

Redefining Learning

The program breaks barriers with experiential workshops and real-world projects. Practical skills bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Wisdom from Mentors

Eskender Kassa and Berhu Zega bring mentors from diverse fields. Students gain insights that guide their future endeavors.

The Ripple Effect

Excelling Academically

Self-awareness and success habits directly impact academic performance, fostering improved grades and active engagement.

Life Preparedness

Skills acquired extend beyond academics, equipping students for effective communication, leadership, and societal contribution.

Conclusion: Empowered Futures

The Transformative Summer Program at Kokebe Tsiba Secondary School, led by Eskender Kassa and Berhu Zega, propels students toward empowered possibilities, fostering self-awareness, resilience, and success habits.

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