Aligning Education With Their Talent

Berhanguzo High School’s 11th-grade students are in for an inspiring treat on August 26, 2023! A dynamic workshop awaits, focusing on guiding these young minds toward aligning their talents with their academic pursuits.

Unlocking Inner Potential:

One key theme of the workshop is helping students identify and nurture their unique talents. By doing so, they’ll be better equipped to choose fields of study that resonate with their innate inclinations.

The Power of Reading:

Another crucial aspect to be explored is the profound impact of reading. The workshop will emphasize that through the habit of reading; one not only gains knowledge but also hones the mind. Reading regularly helps shape individuals into critical thinkers, enabling them to comprehend diverse subjects effortlessly.

Broadening Horizons:

Education’s role in expanding one’s thinking is paramount. The workshop will underscore the importance of education in equipping students to understand a wide range of topics. It’s not just about gaining expertise in one field; it’s about being ready to tackle any subject with confidence.

Motivation for the Future:

By the end of this workshop, these 11th graders will be motivated like never before. They’ll understand the value of nurturing their talents, dedicating time to studies, and preparing themselves for higher education down the road.

This workshop promises to be a transformative experience for Berhanguzo’s 11th graders, equipping them with essential skills and a renewed passion for learning. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and knowledge!

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