Biruh Zega has been steadfast in supporting initiatives undertaken by AWIB aimed at empowering women, fostering leadership, and cultivating a positive, resilient mindset for the past few years. Continuing its commitment, Biruh Zega recently delivered a program to 20 AWIB members focused on self-discovery and emotional intelligence, as well as imparting wisdom tools and techniques for letting go of sabotaging emotional feelings, all delivered in an experiential manner.

Training Program Description:

The experiential workshop titled “Self Discovery and Emotional Intelligence” was conducted by Biruh Zega for 20 AWIB members at their headquarters. The program aimed to facilitate self-discovery, enhance emotional awareness, and foster resilience among participants.

Key Objectives:

1. Enable participants to recognize their unique personalities and strengths.

2. Understand how self-transformation can positively impact oneself and others, along with the science behind it.

3. Provide strategies for proactively influencing challenging encounters and behaviors in a positive manner.

4. Equip participants with tools and techniques for letting go of past traumas and fostering healing and empowerment.

Training Highlights:

– The program emphasized maximizing learning through full engagement and honest sharing.

– Participants were guided through interactive processes to realize their unique powers and specialties.

– Engaging activities fostered self-awareness and appreciation of individual greatness.

– Discussions and exercises helped participants identify and understand their emotional triggers and responses.

– Facilitators led participants through processes of releasing past traumas and forgiving encounters, fostering healing and empowerment.

– Emotional moments were shared as participants expressed gratitude for the program addressing personal challenges, leaving them visibly uplifted and joyful.

– Participants expressed their commitment to applying the lessons learned in their practical lives, indicating a readiness to embrace positive change.

Participant Feedback:

Participants overwhelmingly praised the impactful nature of the program, describing it as life-enhancing and transformative. Many commended the delivery and emotional depth of the workshop. Several expressed how the program resonated with their personal challenges and left them feeling empowered to make positive changes. Participants expressed gratitude for the life-touching encounter and expressed interest in accessing further sessions.


The “Self Discovery and Emotional Intelligence” workshop delivered by Biruh Zega in collaboration with AWIB proved to be a transformative experience for participants. Its focus on self-discovery, emotional management, and practical techniques for letting go resonated deeply, inspiring participants to embrace positive change in their lives. The ongoing partnership between AWIB and Biruh Zega exemplifies a shared commitment to women empowerment and community development.

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