Experiential Workshop, The Art of Greatness and the Art of Letting Go.

We are pleased to present a transformative experiential workshop designed and facilitated by Biruh Zega. This immersive program, held at Hawassa University in Hawassa on 19th April 2023, engaged a group of 50 youths in a retreat setting. Through accelerated learning techniques, the workshop provided an impactful experience that left a profound mark on participants.

Biruh Zega’s workshop employed experiential learning methodologies, creating an environment of active participant engagement. Through a series of exercises and activities, participants confronted and transcended limiting beliefs, unlocking their innate potential and greatness.

A notable highlight of the workshop was its focus on emotional intelligence. Biruh Zega skillfully guided participants in developing heightened emotional intelligence, empowering them to navigate challenges and relationships with enhanced self-awareness and empathy.

Participants were quick to apply their newfound knowledge in practical settings, demonstrating the immediate relevance and effectiveness of the workshop content. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants underscored the transformative impact, with attendees praising the program’s ability to help them overcome fears and embark on a journey of personal growth.

The workshop was led by Ato Eskender Kassa, who received overwhelming admiration from the participants for his commitment and exceptional facilitation skills.

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