Conscious Leadership training

The training, a transformative experience, was tailored for 86 women graduates and took place at the Awib Head Office in Addis Ababa. Centered around the themes of “Art of Letting Go” and “Success Principles,” the modules were designed to empower young women with the tools to uncover their innate greatness, confront limiting beliefs, and grasp the tenets of success for personal and professional aspirations.

A resounding success, the “Conscious Leadership” training, meticulously delivered by Biruh Zega under the guidance of Project Manager Ato Eskender Kassa and his proficient team, received the utmost appreciation and recommendation. The commitment demonstrated by the organizing institution to providing ideal trainees with exceptional professionalism and an inspiring service environment is genuinely commendable.

The training stood out for its state-of-the-art instructional techniques, featuring dynamic demonstrations and a knowledgeable faculty. Led by experienced facilitators, the sessions delivered valuable principles, modeled desired behaviors, and offered practical implementation opportunities.

The impact of this training transcended skills enhancement; it stirred heightened motivation and inspiration among participants, fueling the pursuit of new, impactful visions that harmonize with their existing goals. The acquired knowledge is expected to trigger immediate and enduring positive changes in our emerging leaders.

We admire the dedication of the organizing institution to creating an exceptional professional service environment for the trainees. Their commitment to fostering future women leaders, poised to bring about desired impacts in any arena they engage, is truly commendable

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